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Paper Abstract

A Contact Based Method for 3D Delamination Analysis of Composites Subjected to Impact Loading

  • AU: S Forouzan-sepehr, S Mohammadi

  • SO: "Computational Mechanics - New Frontiers for the New Millennium", Proceedings of APCOM '01: S Valliappan, N Khalili (editors); The First Asian-Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics, pp 691-696.

  • PB: Elsevier Science

  • LA: English

  • PY: 2001


A numerical method based on contact algorithms is developed for 3D delamination modelling in composites subjected to impact loading. Composite plies are modelled with discrete/finite elements and the interlaminar behaviour of plies is considered using combination of a bilinear strain-softening model and the Penalty method. A numerical example is investigated to assess the ability of the method.





Books About: Mechanics of Composites, Computational Mechanics, Contact Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics.




























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