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Sohail Forouzan-sepehr's Website

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Book Abstract

Tests of Maths for Middle School Students

  • AU: S Forouzan-sepehr

  • PB: Mobtakeran

  • PY: 1996 (1st), 2006 (17th)

  • LA: Farsi

  • ISBN: 964-5993-70-9


This book includes 900 tests of middle school maths. Entrance exams questions of top high schools and universities, maths exams, Olympiads and etc. are some references of the book. Therefore, the variety and diversity of the tests may not only enables the readers to be prepared for the mentioned exams, but also improve their knowledge and skills to manage and solve maths problems. The book can be also useful for the teachers, students of gifted schools and gifted students all over the country due to the variety of tests and their arrangement from the first to the third year of the middle school course.




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