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Sohail Forouzan-sepehr's Website

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Book Abstract

Intellectual Skill-Learning Problems

  • AU: S Forouzan-sepehr

  • PB: Mobtakeran

  • PY: 2005

  • LA: Farsi

  • ISBN: 964-395-271-1


This book consists a collection of tests to improve some primary mental abilities, prepared especially for guidance & high school students. This is not an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test book, since IQ that is:

shows the ratio of everyone's intelligence regarding his present age (usually with a tolerance of about 10%) affected by different factors such as environmental, physical, nourishment, etc conditions. For example, an IQ of 140% for a 10-year old person means that he/she has a 14-year old ordinary person's mental abilities. So, IQ measurement requires standard multi optional tests without negative points. That is, the number, difficulty & the answering time should be normalised according to the age of people of a society. The necessity of adapting these tests to normal distribution curve can show the ratio of everyone's intelligence to people of the society, too & therefore yield to a proper educational & training plans. According to the curve, one among every 160 persons of a society has an IQ over 140% & one's IQ among every 11,000 is over 160% who is called "Genius". Though such tests are the main references of it, IQ measurement is not the main aim of this book. Certainly, the ability of thinking is not instructible. However, the art of thinking can be improved by practising in the framework of fundamental parts of primary mental abilities that are verbal ability & word fluency, numerical, reasoning & perceptual abilities, spatial ability & memory. This book includes more than 600 problems for intellectual skill-learning & practising & some appendices to improve thinking ways & develop new ideas.




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