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University of Tehran

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Tehrān, University of, university, established in Iran in 1934. To form Iran's first modern university, several schools of higher learning that already existed in the nation’s capital were merged. These united institutions introduced modern European educational ideas and methods. A law passed in 1934, which created the university, also provided for its financial and administrative independence. In 1942 the university became independent of the government. In 1944 the shah gave the village of Amerabad and its buildings to the university to use as a self-contained students' club and hostel and as a university center. Tehrān University consists of the faculties of letters and humanities, science, law, economics, medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, fine arts, Islamic theology, engineering, public health, education, and social sciences. There are also several affiliated schools and institutes. In 1998 the teaching staff numbered about 1270 and the student enrollment was about 30,000. The university library has about 450,000 volumes. There are no tuition fees.
















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