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I am a chartered structural engineer with more than 20 years of engineering experience in the Middle East and United Kingdom. I am also a keen photographer, world explorer and Iranologist. I made this website initially as a portfolio of my bridge engineering works and later on, expanded it to share more of my knowledge and experience in my fields of interest; especially, engineering (structures, earthquake, computational mechanics of structures, bridges, etc), photography, travels around the world and Iranology.

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My auto-biography, personal photo galleries, my drawings/sketches, CV, academic and professional experiences, qualifications, publications, etc. Find out more about me and my interests here.


Engineering related materials, including but not limited to the full text of my publications, photo galleries of my projects, especially in the fields of structural engineering, bridge engineering, earthquake engineering, computational mechanics of structures, etc can be found here.


I have started photography since I was a teenager and developed my skills later on under the tuition of a few award-winning international photographers. Here is a dedicated portfolio of my works as a keen hobbyist photographer.


To embrace the culture of inclusion and diversity, I have invested a significant portion of my life in learning about different cultures around the world, planning qualified trips and exploring the world. Here you can find a visual diary of my travels consisting my notes and photos I have taken.


Every single person in the world is truly entitled to possess and be proud of their own unique identity and heritage. Iran is certainly one of the most ancient countries in the world whose culture and heritage had significantly influenced and participated in the overall humankind civilisation. I have grown up in an Iranologist family and since my younger age, have had a keen interest in this field. Here I try to collect and share some information about this ancient country and her civilisation.


As the great contemporary Iranian author, Sadeq Hedayat, once said, In life there are certain sores that, like a canker, gnaw at the soul in solitude and diminish it... If I have decided that I should write, It is only because I should introduce myself to my shadow- a shadow which rests in a stooped position on the wall, and which appears to be voraciously swallowing all that I write down. It is for him that I want to do an experiment to see if we can know each other better... So, here is a link to my thoughts!

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