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MSc theory courses I passed

First semester

Theory of Elasticity (Dr M Rahimian), Structural Stability (Dr R Mirghaderi), Dynamics of Structures (Dr J Farjoudi), Engineering Mathematics (Dr A Noorzad)

Second semester

Finite Element Method (Dr R Attarnejad), Theory of Plates & Shells (Dr Y Gholipour), Prestressed Concrete (Dr AM Amirebrahimi), Plastic Analysis & Design of Steel Structures (Dr A Joharzadeh)

Third semester

Seismic Effects on Special Structures (Dr Kh Bargi)

My MSc thesis

Title: A Contact Based Method for 3D Delamination Analysis of Composites Subjected to Impact Loading

Supervisor: Dr S Mohammadi

Abstract: see Abstract (English)

Full Text: see Full Text (Farsi)

Research Report: see Report (Farsi)