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A synopsis about me, my CV and a brief autobiography, about my name, qualifications, my personality and personal interests, etc are what you will find here...


MSc Degree

The theory courses I passed through my MSc studies as well as full information (including full text) of MSc thesis, references of my research, etc.

MPhil Degree

I passed the PhD course entrance exam of University of Tehran with the first rank among the the examinees and have worked on my PhD thesis for about six years. Then what happened and why I left my studies? You may find some information here.


This page contains some of my researches mainly during my post-graduate studies. You can download the full text of research reports...


My journal papers, conference papers and books: abstract, etc. You can download the full text of some of my papers here for free.

Teaching Experiences

I have had always a passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge with others as I realised I can learn much more through teaching. I have taught from primary school courses to post-graduate ones and workshops...

Professional Experiences

I am a senior bridge engineer in the Structures Division of Ringway-Jacobs's Chelmsford Office. Before moving to UK, I have worked in Iran on several important highway/ railway bridge design projects for about six years. Here you can find some information and the specifications of the projects I have been working on...


"In life there are certain sores that, like a canker, gnaw at the soul in solitude and diminish it... If I have decided that I should write, It is only because I should introduce myself to my shadow- a shadow which rests in a stooped position on the wall, and which appears to be voraciously swallowing all that I write down. It is for him that I want to do an experiment to see if we can know each other better..." [The Blind Owl, Sadeq Hedayat]

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