Who am I?

My portrait by Dave Turner

My Portrait by Dave Turner

I am a chartered structural engineer with more than 20 years of experience in engineering, including design, management, lectureship and research, in the United Kingdom and Middle East. I have especially vast knowledge and experience in assessment, conceptual and detailed design of bridges with different codes including British Standards, DMRB (UK), National Rail Codes (UK), Eurocodes, CDM, ACI (US), AASHTO (US), AREA (US) and Iranian National Codes, design supervision, technical review and consultancy as well as leadership, mentoring engineers and lecturing at universities and workshops.

I have authored several technical papers and books, and cooperated in several academic researches and engineering software design/development.

Apart from engineering, I am also a hobbyist photographer, passionately exploring the world through my camera, expressing myself through my photos and trying to click with people before clicking the shutter. My fields of interest in photography are mainly travel photography including architecture, historic places, folklore festivals, traditional dances, etc, with more than 20 years of experience, and occasionally, work with professional models. Once, I was awarded for one of my photos.

As I have grown up in an Iranologist family, I have been always fascinated by the heritage of this ancient country. Hence, I have been self-studying and researching about Iran's history, literature and arts since my younger ages. The early history of Greater Iran, just before and around the immigration of Indo-Europeans (Aryans) around 3500 years ago is particularly the historic period of time I am interested in.

To embrace the culture of inclusion and diversity, I have invested a significant portion of my life in learning about different cultures around the world, planning qualified trips and exploring the world. I believe the greatest advantage of being a world explorer is making new friends with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds to broaden my mind. Travelling to more than 25 countries and connecting with many new friends around the world, I have recently started thinking and developing ideas about tourism based and cultural exchange projects.

What does my name mean?



My first name, “Sohail”, is the name of the second brightest star in the night-time sky after “Shabahang” (known as “Sirius” in the western world or “Alpha Canis Majoris” in the scientific terms). The western equivalent of my name is “Canopus” and its scientific name is “Alpha Carinae”.

The star “Sohail” or “Canopus” is located in the southern constellation of “Carina” over 300 light-years away from Earth. The star has been known among many nations since the ancient time. The name has been used in a number of Classic Persian poems. As the star is fully visible in the southern hemisphere, Iranians considered it a star in the sky of Yemen. Sanaei, the Classic Persian poet of the 11th and 12th centuries, once said:

«در دیار تو نتابد آسمان هرگز سهیل           گر همی باید سهیلت، قصد کن سوی یمن»

which can be literally translated in English as: “Sohail does not shine in your sky [in Iran]. Should you wish to observe Sohail, travel to Yemen!” The star is apparently rising at the end of summertime, when the fruits are fully ripened, in the southern parts of Iran, too. Hence, there is very well-known Persian verse/common idiom by an unknown poet:

«دلگیر از آنی که سهیلت زده سیلی           سیبی که سهیلش نزند رنگ ندارد»

which literally means “You got upset when Sohail slapped on your face. An apple gets ripened and red only when is touched by Sohail's shine!” Both the above verses are some of the Persian equivalents for “No pain, no gain”. As I have worked hard for what I achieved in my career, I beleive it is very relevant and meaningful.

My family name, “Forouzan-sepehr”, consists of two Persian words: “forouzan” which means “bright”, “luminous” and “sepehr” which is the Persian equivalent of “sky”. Therefore, my family name can be translated as an adjective in English which means “someone who has a bright sky or simply is lucky!

Qualifications and trainings

Qualification/training Awarding body Year awarded
BSc in Civil Engineering (1st rank award) Amir Kabir University of Technology 1999
MSc in Structural Engineering (2nd rank award) University of Tehran 2001
MPhil in Structural Engineering (1st rank award in the entrance exam) University of Tehran 2007
Chartered Engineer (CEng) Engineering Council 2014
Member of the Institution of Structural Engineers (MIStructE) The Institution of Structural Engineers 2014
Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS Professionally Qualified Person) The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)
IOSH Manageing Safely in Construction Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) 2017
APS Principal Designer Course The Association for Project Safety (APS) 2017
Lean Foundation Course Bourton Group LLP 2018

Professional expertise

  • Assessment and strengthening of existing highway and railway bridges;
  • Appraisal of previous assessments of existing highway and railway bridges;
  • Management of existing sub-standard highway and railway bridges;
  • Conceptual and detailed design of new highway and railway structures;
  • Bridge engineering schemes leadership and project management;
  • Resource management and planning including outsourcing, recruitment and staff development;
  • Undertaking CDM Principal Designer duties for highway structures schemes;
  • Implementing Lean Concept in design and management;
  • Mentoring and lecturing engineering courses;
  • Providing consultancy to international, national and local authorities;
  • Computational mechanics of structures (finite element, element free, etc methods);
  • Developing engineering software packages.

Timeline of my life


Joined AECOM in London

Started with AECOM as an Associate Director during the Covid-19 outbreak which resulted in working from home.

Moved back to UK

Following the acceptance of a job offer, moved back to London, UK, where I was born.


Moved to Iran

As part of my career break (semi-retirement), stayed in London for a short period of time and then, moved to Tehran, Iran to spend more quality time with my family, assist with the family business and explore the beautiful country.

Left Jacobs (CH2M) and started a career break

Resigned from my job and left Jacobs for a period of career break (semi-retirement) to focus more on my personal/family life.


Moved to Kent and Joined CH2M

Moved from Chelmsford, Essex to Kings Hill, Kent and started working for CH2M as Structures Design Team Leader on Highways England Area 4 schemes. Later on, CH2M was acquired by Jacobs.


Joined Atkins

Joined Atkins back in Chelmsford.


Left Jacobs

Following a successful interview, left Jacobs and joined Ramboll trying to move from Chelmsford to London. However, the plan of moving to London was not only unsuccessful; but also, the stressful daily commuting to/from London and lack of flexibility in the work environment resulted in hypertension. Hence, shortly left Rambol and moved back to Chelmsford.

Become Chartered

Following the submission of my professional portfolio, a successful interview, and passing the exam, achieved my Chartership from The Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE).

My Dad passed away

Targic departure of my Dad, Saeed Forouzan-sepehr, a great architect, author, researcher and Iranologist, after a shocking stoke and period of coma.


Transferred to Jacobs

Trasferred to Jacobs where I had the opportunity of working closer and befriending with the other members of the company around the world.


Transferred to Ringway Jacobs

Following a successful interview, promoted to the Senior Bridge Engineer position. Thereafter, trasferred to Ringway Jacobs and continued working on the highway structures of Essex County Council.


Started mentoring

To reconnect with the university environment, started mentoring the 2nd year civil engineering students of Anglia Ruskin University.


Moved to England and started with Mouchel

Following a successful phone interviw, left Hexa Consulting Engineers and moved to Chelmsford, Essex, UK to start a new chapter in my life. Joined Mouchel to work on the highway bridges of Essex County Council and worked there till 2012.


Left doctoral course

Following my disagreements with my supervisor regarding to the researches ownership rights and to focus more on bridge engineering, left my PhD course and instead, achieved an MPhil degree from University of Tehran.

Promoted to Team Leader

Promoted to Team Leader position at Hexa Consulting Engineers and established my 1st Bridge Design Team.


Published my third book

My 3rd book in intellectual skills published by Mobtakeran.


Started bridge engineering

Started working as Bridge Engineer at Hexa Consulting Engineers and worked there until 2008.

Started teaching at Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran

Started teaching engineering courses as Contract Lecturer to the BA students at Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran.


Started teaching complementary master course

Started teaching Dynamics of Structures as Teacher Assistant to the master degree students at University of Tehran and continued for 2 years.


Attended doctoral Course

Passed the PhD course entrance exam in Structural Engineering at University of Tehran with a score of 75.79% and 1st Rank Award. Worked on “An Adaptive Algorithm for the Element-Free Methods” and for the first time in Iran, developed a PhD course on Meshless Methods. The course has being taught at University of Tehran since then using the syllabus and technical notes I developed.

Achieved Master Degree

Defended my master thesis entitled “A Contact Based Method for 3D Delamination Analysis of Composites Subjected to Impact Loading” successfully and obtained my MSc in Structural Engineering from University of Tehran with a GPA was 18.36 out of 20 (91.8%) and 2nd Rank Award.


Published my second book

My second authored book in mathematics (including text, problems/solutions and tests for top young students) was published by Mobtakeran.

Sohail and Davoud

Graduated and attended master course

Graduated in Civil Engineering (BSc) from Amir Kabir University of Technology with a GPA 17.29 out of 20 (86.45%) and 1st Rank Award. Also, passed the general entrance exam to the master course in Structural Engineering at University of Tehran.


Started structural engineering design

Worked as Student Engineer on design and verification of residential building structures at Pars Padir Consulting Engineers.


Started teaching at university

Started teaching statics as Teacher Assistant to the bachelor degree students at Amir Kabir University of Technology and continued it for 2 years.

Published my first book

My first authored book in mathematics (including 900 problems for top young students) was published by Mobtakeran. The book has been well received by both students and teachers and republished 19 times.


Attended University

I got my Diploma in Mathematics and Physics with a GPA 18.36 out of 20 (91.8%) from Alborz High School and successfully passed the general entrance exam to the Amir Kabir University of Technology to study Civil Engineering.


Sohail and Kaveh

My first achievements

I achieved the 1st rank award in the local Olympiad of Mathematics in Tehran, Iran. Then, I passed the entrance exam to the well-known Alborz High school.


Lived in Hamburg, Germany

Temporarily Moved to Hamburg, Germany with my Mum and lived there with my uncle. Also, went to school there and learnt German. Aber, ich habe Deutsch vergessen. So, ich kann es nicht verstehen! Then, moved back to Tehran, Iran.


Moved to Tehran, Iran

Moved to and grown up in Iran

Sohail and Mum

Born in London, UK

Born in a vegetarian Iranian family at St Thomas' Hospital in London Borough of Lambeth